Bisotun Institute is formed to develop materials for students of Persian language at different levels. These materials are specifically designed for adult students especially university students who want to learn this language in order to conduct research and field work using Persian resources. In preparing these materials we have focused on the four major skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Notice: The current version of instructional material acquired from Bisotun is discontinued. Bisotun no longer distributes these materials for sale. You have permission of the author and Bisotun to make copies of these materials and use them only for nonprofit educational purposes. The commercial use of any displayed item is strictly prohibited.


Textbooks and CDs:  

A) Elementary Persian (ISBN: 978-0-9815868-0-9)

B) Elementary Persian CD (ISBN: 978-0-9815868-1-6)

C) An Introduction to Persian Grammar (ISBN: 978-0-9815868-2-3)

Intermediate Persian (+CD): (ISBN: 978-0-9815868-4-7)

The CDs require windows operating system.

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Bisotun also offers other services such as Translation, Language Instruction, Cultural Consulting and Language Assessment. For more information please contact us at: